Willie Nelson

Willie NelsonWillie Nelson- Willie Nelson is a 1 and 1/2 year old English Springer Spaniel that presented for bruising on his back, legs, abdomen, and chest.  He also had two episodes of bloody diarrhea. On exam, more bruising was noted on his gums and ear flaps. Upon thorough testing it was determined that Willie Nelson’s own body was attacking his platelets, a disease known as immune mediated thrombocytopenia (IMT). This meant that he was not able to clot his blood and that is why he was forming bruises. He was immediately started on medications to stop his immune system from its attack.  Despite this, he started bleeding internally into his bladder, intestines, and lungs. He continued to bleed to the point of needing a blood transfusion. After the blood transfusion, a lot of TLC, and prayers, Willie Nelson began to respond. He is at home and doing well with his family. He continues to be on medications to control his immune system and may have to be on them for the rest of his life. But, he is able to enjoy the love and comfort of his family and his family is able to enjoy the happiness he brings.

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